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9th Annual Washington International

9th Annual Washington International


August 1 - 5, 2020
Rockville, Maryland

9-round Swiss, 40/90, SD/20, 30/incr

Playing Site
Rockville Hilton
1750 Rockville Pike; Rockville, Maryland 20852; United States


Come play in what we believe are the best playing conditions in the US!

What players said they like about the 2018 Wash Intl

New this Year

  • Higher ratings cutoff in the Premier section
  • Higher prize fund in all sections
  • Increased Mixed Doubles prizes of $400 - $250 (total score of one male and one female player in any section

Continuing Tournament Features

  • Limited number of minimum prizes for all non-US players
  • Clocks, sets and boards are provided for everyone
  • Free Continental breakfast before morning rounds on Saturday and Wednesday
  • Minimum 2100 FIDE or 2200 USCF rating to play in Championship section
  • $119 room rate, reserve a room
  • If staying at the Hilton using the group rate, $50 discount on EF. (Minimum 3 nights, max 2 discounts per room)
  • Hotel next to DC Metro stop (Twinbrook)
  • Top boards will be broadcast live
  • Custom Washington International T-shirt only $5
  • Free Internet in the sleeping rooms.
  • Free Guest WiFi in skittles rooms
  • $50 discount for players over age 50 all sections
  • $25 discount for all new Washington International players
  • $25 discount for siblings

Championship Section (Minimum 2100 FIDE or 2200 USCF)

$12,050 in Guaranteed Prizes

1st $3500
2nd $1700
3rd $900
4th $800
5th $700
6th $600
7th $400
Under 2500 $1200-$600
Under 2300 $1100-$550

A limited number of minimum prizes are available to the first players to register in each category. Players must play all nine rounds to qualify for the minimum prize. Players who do not finish the tournament will need to reimburse the organizers for their housing support.

Minimum prizes

Category With no room We provide six nights shared room We provide six nights single room Number still available
1st 5 non-US GMs, rated over 2500 $400 $200 $0 5
1st 5 non-US GMs or IMs , rated over 2400 $200 $0 ($300 Single room Supp.) 7


Category Minimum Prize Number still available
1st 4 US GMs $300 4
1st 5 non-US GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM $250 5
1st 5 non-US FIDE rated $200 5

FIDE ratings will be used for pairings and prizes. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency. There is a limit of 4 1/2 point byes and you must request them two hours before round 2.

Championship Section Entrance Fees

GMs, non-US IMs - Free
US IMs, WGMs, and all non-US FIDE over 2100- $199
FMs FIDE above 2100- $299
FIDE greater than 2200 - $324
FIDE between 2100 and 2199 - $349
FIDE between 2000 and 2099 - $600
FIDE less than 2000 - $800

(All discounts are cumulative)
$50 discount, if staying at the Hilton
$50 discount for all players born before 8/2/1970

$25 discount for first time Washington International players

All $25 more after 6/1/2020
All $35 more after 7/18/2020
All $45 more after 7/28/2020
All $70 more at-the-door

Round Schedule for Championship Section

Aug 1 (Saturday) - Aug 4 (Tuesday) 11am and 5:30pm
Aug 5 (Wednesday) - 11am

Premier Section (Under 2300 USCF, Under 2100 FIDE, and USCF greater than 1750, FIDE rated)

9-SS, Same playing conditions and location as the Championship section.

$7,675 in Guaranteed Prizes

1st $2600
2nd $1250
3rd $600
4th $500
5th $400
6th $300
1st Under 2000 $1200
2nd Under 2000 $575
3rd Under 2000 $250


Contenders Section (Under 1800 USCF, NOT FIDE rated)

9-SS, Same playing conditions and location as the Championship section.

$4875 in Guaranteed Prizes

Contenders Prizes

1st $2200
2nd $1100
3rd $500
4th $300
 Top under 1600 $500
2nd under 1600 $250


USCF ratings will be used for pairings and prizes in the Premier and Contenders sections. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency.

Premier and Contenders Sections Entrance Fees

Early Entrance Fee - $249

(All discounts are cumulative)
$50 discount if staying at the Hilton at the group rate. (minimum 3 night stay and maximum two discounts per room)
$50 discount for all players born before 7/27/1969
$25 discount for all first time Washington International players
$50 more for players rated less than 1800 in the Premier Section

$20 more after 7/16/2020
$30 more after 7/26/2020
$40 more at-the-door

Results from all previous Washington Internationals

Mail Registrations to:
Maryland Chess Association
c/o Mike Regan
1827 Thornton Ridge Road
Towson, MD 21204
Mailed registrations in the Championship section should include name, FIDE rating, FIDE country.

Round Schedule for Premier and Contenders Section

Aug 1 (Saturday) - Aug  4 (Tuesday) 11am and 5:30pm
Aug 5 (Wednesday) - 11am

Hotel Rates: $119 per night, Reserve a roomWi-Fi is included with this special rate. Rooms are limited, so make your reservations early. Phone 301-468-1100.
Several people are looking for roommates, both male and female. Email if you would like information on roommates.
The organizer is Mike Regan. If you have any questions, email him at

Electronic Devices Rules (all sections)

Do not bring electronic devices (cell phones and smart watches) into the playing venue (playing room, halls outside playing room, smoking area, bathrooms, etc) according to FIDE rule 11.3. Players are subject to scanning to test for possession of cell phones. We plan to monitor using both thermal and magnetic scanners. Traffic in various areas will also be video monitored. You can store your phone in one of our cell phone lockers.

Possession of a device 

  • Forfeit of the game and potential expulsion for tournament.

Parking Information

Parking is $10/night for overnight guests. It is $5 for day guests. You should validate your ticket at the front desk. 

Rule Variations

  • If both players are not present at the start of the round, the tournament director will start white's clock.
  • Any player forfeiting a round must pay a $50 fine before being allowed to play in a future tournament organized by MCA or Baltimore Chess.
  • No show forfeit time for all sections is one hour
  • he electronic score keeping devices, ChessNoteR and eNotate, cannot be used at this tournament.

Event Properties

Event Date 08-01-2020 12:00 am
Event End Date 08-05-2020 12:00 am
Registration Start Date 01-22-2020 12:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 7 [View List]
Cut off date 08-01-2020 9:00 am
Original Price $224.00
Discounted Price $199.00 (Until 06-02-2020 1:00 am 01:00)
Late Fee $10.00 (From 07-19-2020 1:00 am 01:00)
Location Rockville Hilton