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Goal $10,000.00
Donated amount $2,500.00

Registration: 9th Annual Potomac Open (Aug 16, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019 )

Below are the players who have registered for this tournament.

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 Location: Rockville Hilton
  Username Player\'s Name (Last, First) FIDE Country Playing Schedule Playing Schedule Section Playing Schedule Playing Schedule requested 1/2 point Bye Playing Schedule Playing Schedule Playing Schedule FIDE Title FIDE Title Playing Schedule Playing Schedule Purchaser\'s Name (Last, First) Date Registered
 James, KiranUnder 1800[7]NoneThree-dayJames, Rajesh2019-07-12 20:17:36
 Power, SeanUnder 2200 (minimum rating 1800)[3]NoneTwo-dayPower, P2019-07-09 14:23:58
 Malcolm, Douglas MUnder 2200 (minimum rating 1800)[3]NoneThree-dayMalcolm, Doug2019-07-01 08:46:13
 Kugel, Stanislav Under 1800[7]Round 3NoneTwo-dayKugel, Stanislav 2019-07-14 16:48:16
 Kaufman, LarryChampionship (minimum rating 2000)[1]GMThree-dayKaufman, Larry2019-06-29 13:02:32
 Roswendi, RayhanUnder 1000[13]NoneCao, Min2019-06-27 14:20:53
 Al-Hariri, SaadUnder 1800[7]NoneThree-daySaad Alhariri2019-07-23 14:09:47
 Foley, JackUnder 1000[13]NoneFoley, John2019-07-23 12:33:20
 Kolnik, AlanUnder 1800[7]NoneThree-dayKolnik, Alan2019-07-21 22:52:02
 Mitra, AhanaUnder 1600[9]NoneTwo-dayBipasha Mitra2019-07-21 17:13:53
 Agnihothram, ArjunUnder 1000[13]Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5NoneAgnihothram, Sudhakar2019-07-20 19:11:22
 Palani, RitvikaUnder 1600[9]NoneTwo-dayMurali, Srividya2019-07-19 14:11:43
 Palani, RahulUnder 1800[7]NoneTwo-dayMurali, Srividya2019-07-19 14:06:33
 Lalwani, JayUnder 2200 (minimum rating 1800)[3]NoneThree-dayLalwani, Sunil2019-07-18 20:02:28
 Wen, CalebUnder 1000[13]NoneLeng Wen2019-07-18 14:25:47
 Zouhar, AnasUnder 1000[13]NoneAnas Zouhar2019-07-15 13:28:34
 Bhardvaj, Ishaan BenipuriUnder 1600[9]NoneTwo-dayBenipuri, Minita2019-06-22 17:29:06