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Registration: 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Grade Chess Championships (Jan 19, 2019)

Below are the players who have registered for this tournament.

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 Location: Poly & Western HSs
  Username Player\'s Name (Last, First) Player's School Section Purchaser\'s Name (Last, First) Rather than compete for a 1-point win, players may request a bye for any round and for any number of rounds. Players are limited to a single 1/2-point bye; all other byes will be 0-point byes. (99% OF PLAYERS DO NOT REQUEST A BYE.) Date Registered
Shisler, Michael2019-01-17 22:56:41
 Derrick, NoraBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Wagner, NoahBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]4th Grade [4]  
 NorrisShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]4th Grade [4]Norris2019-01-18 21:18:09
 Zararabian, OmeedNorthwest High School [NORTWH]11th & 12th Grades [10]Zarrabian, Omeed2019-01-18 18:05:19
 BURRE, UJJVALLiberty Elementary School (VA) [LIBEVE]3rd Grade [3]Burre, Srinivas2019-01-18 17:09:16
grigsby, Sherlock2019-01-18 17:53:12
 Grigsby, ThaliaGeorgetown Day Lower School (DC) [GEORGE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Grigsby, SherlockGeorgetown Day Middle School (DC) [GEORGM]6th Grade [6]  
McKnight, Nell2019-01-18 16:43:34
 Wing, DaevonGreen Street Academy (Middle/High School) [GRESMH]9th & 10th Grades [9]  
 Wing, DariusWestern Tech High School [WESTTH]9th & 10th Grades [9]  
 Du, AndrewSpring Hill Elementary School (VA) [SPRIHE]2nd Grade [2]Du, Yi2019-01-18 12:22:00
 mousa, OmarFriendship Public Charter School Online (Elementary/Middle School) (DC) [FRIEEM]8th Grade [8]Tarek Mousa2019-01-18 09:56:16
Nicholson, Andre2019-01-18 05:20:53
 Nicholson, Yareni*** Search for schools added recently by scrolling to the end. CLICK HERE TO ADD A NEW SCHOOL.2nd Grade [2]  
 Nicholson, Andrea*** Search for schools added recently by scrolling to the end. CLICK HERE TO ADD A NEW SCHOOL.4th Grade [4]  
 Chen, BrandonStone Mill Elementary School [STONME]5th Grade [5]Chen, wen2019-01-17 23:22:21
Shisler, Michael2019-01-17 22:26:33
 Reiser, JamesBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Achorn, MatthewBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Achorn, JuliaBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Marcum, YsabelleBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]4th Grade [4]  
 Adeshiyan, AyodejiBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]4th Grade [4]  
 Johnson, FaithBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]4th Grade [4]  
 Shirkin, PhillipBeth Tfiloh Dahan Community School (Elementary/Middle/High School) [BETEMH]9th & 10th Grades [9]Shirkin, Michael2019-01-17 21:55:04
 Stone, ElijahBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]5th Grade [5]Brown, Christopher2019-01-17 22:21:55
 Liu, AndrewSt. Albans Lower School (DC) [STALBE]6th Grade [6]Songtao Liu2019-01-17 13:21:53
 Mack, SyndeyShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Smith-Mack, Mitzie2019-01-17 21:52:45
 Vora, JashSpark Matsunaga Elementary School [SPARME]2nd Grade [2]Vora, Dhawal2019-01-17 10:48:58
 Woods, WinstonShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]4th Grade [4]Woods, Velicia2019-01-17 13:10:58
 Antoniades, VasiliGilman Upper School [GILMAH]9th & 10th Grades [9]Antoniades, Christina2019-01-17 09:16:58
 Ntim, Sydney-GraceShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Ntim, Esther2019-01-16 22:21:08
 Fleming, EdwardBoys Latin Upper School [BOYSLH]9th & 10th Grades [9]Fleming, Matt2019-01-17 08:44:36
Shisler, Michael2019-01-16 22:20:53
 Forester, JohnBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Forester, EmersonBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Carroll, AlyssaBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Horn, LiamBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Horn, RyanBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Johnson, KiaraBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Landeros, MiguelBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Rooney, IsabellaBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]5th Grade [5]  
 Wickens, ZacharyBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Parker, HaydenBeach Elementary School [BEACHE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Dunn, Hailey'MarieWindy Hill Middle School [WINDYM]6th Grade [6]  
 Dunn, JosephWindy Hill Middle School [WINDYM]8th Grade [8]  
McKnight, Nell2019-01-16 19:18:56
 Talbot, FinnMount Washington School (Elementary/Middle School) [MOUWEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Small, DavidMount Washington School (Elementary/Middle School) [MOUWEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Williams, ShaneMount Washington School (Elementary/Middle School) [MOUWEM]6th Grade [6]  
McKnight, Nell2019-01-16 18:35:54
 Brown, IsaiahNorth Bend Elementary/Middle School [NORBEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Brown, WilliamNorth Bend Elementary/Middle School [NORBEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Sloan, Jebasei Shepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Sloan, Karen2019-01-16 16:14:21
Thomas, Kimberly2019-01-16 16:09:37
 Figueroa, LuzHighlandtown Elementary/Middle School [HIGHEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Benitez, JacksonHighlandtown Elementary/Middle School [HIGHEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Scott, TayshawnHighlandtown Elementary/Middle School [HIGHEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Portillo, JhosyHighlandtown Elementary/Middle School [HIGHEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Aguilar, KevinHighlandtown Elementary/Middle School [HIGHEM]7th Grade [7]  
 Larsen, BentonOlney Elementary School [OLNEYE]2nd Grade [2]Larsen, Chris2019-01-16 15:43:59
 Ly, DaisonPointers Run Elementary School [POINTE]3rd Grade [3]Dai Ly2019-01-16 03:25:26
 Gresham, WilliamShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Gresham, Kathryn2019-01-16 14:48:14
 Pillai, MuralimadhavPatapsco Middle School [PATAPM]7th Grade [7]Manoj Kumar PANKAJAKSHAN Pankajakshan Pillai2019-01-16 00:09:56
Heller, Christina2019-01-15 22:23:38
 Heller, NathanielYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]4th Grade [4]  
 Kunkle, LandonYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]5th Grade [5]  
 Frankel, ElizabethYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]4th Grade [4]  
 Heller, ZacharyYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Taylor, WilliamYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]4th Grade [4]  
 Davis, ReeseYellow Springs Elementary School [YELLOE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Yo, CalebSpark Matsunaga Elementary School [SPARME]2nd Grade [2]Yo, Kelly2019-01-15 22:46:31
Brummer, Richard2019-01-15 22:32:29
 Vijayan, JacksonGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Simmons, TrentonGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]4th Grade [4]  
 Green, AugustGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]4th Grade [4]  
 Fuller, OakleyGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Fuller, OluGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]  
 Neff, JamesGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]4th Grade [4]  
 Chhetri, AshaGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]5th Grade [5]  
 Chhetri, AsishGreen School of Baltimore (Elementary School) [GREENE]5th Grade [5]  
Brown, Christopher2019-01-15 22:22:34
 Chamberlain, WillBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]4th Grade [4]  
 Beeler, LauraBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Holmes, ElijahBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]2nd Grade [2]  
 Mohapatra, PhoenixBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]3rd Grade [3]  
 Bushyager, EleanorBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Fall, KhadimBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Faulkner, JosephBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]3rd Grade [3]  
 Pennington, AdamBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]8th Grade [8]  
 Pennington, TravisBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]6th Grade [6]  
 Brown, JeromeBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Brown, RoseBaltimore Montessori Public Charter School (Elementary/Middle School) [BALTEM]2nd Grade [2]  
radhika gummadi2019-01-15 22:00:21
 cherukuri deveshTriadelphia Ridge Elementary School [TRIADE]5th Grade [5]  
 cherukuri niteshTriadelphia Ridge Elementary School [TRIADE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Naraharisetti, Yukthi Waverly Elementary/Middle School [WAVEEM]4th Grade [4]Guddati, Yukthi 2019-01-15 21:46:22
 Huber, JonSevern Upper School [SEVERH]11th & 12th Grades [10]Huber, Jon2019-01-15 21:29:23
 Dudley, DestinyWilliam A. Diggs Elementary School [WILLDE]4th Grade [4]Dudley, Aundre2019-01-15 21:20:57
 Murugan, karthikLionville Middle School (PA) [LIONVM]7th Grade [7]Murugan2019-01-15 21:20:47
 Fuller, MiaHome Elementary School 1 [HOME1E]3rd Grade [3]Fuller, Meredith 2019-01-15 21:12:54
 Mariappan,AnishLakelands Park Middle School [LAKELM]6th Grade [6]Ulaganathan,Gomathi2019-01-15 21:09:50
 Chen, RayBurleigh Manor Middle School [BURLEM]7th Grade [7]Chen, Zhiyuan2019-01-15 20:02:25
 Bachrum, DennisWestland Middle School [WESTLM]7th Grade [7]Damasari, Deasy2019-01-15 20:07:53
Ramisetty Satyanarayana2019-01-15 19:34:36
 Ramisetty NiharWaverly Elementary/Middle School [WAVEEM]2nd Grade [2]  
 Ramisetty SaanviWaverly Elementary/Middle School [WAVEEM]4th Grade [4]  
 Prasad, VikramNorthwest High School [NORTWH]11th & 12th Grades [10]Vikram Prasad2019-01-15 17:56:54
isayeva, irada2019-01-15 18:59:24
 Joshi, ArielPaint Branch High School [PAINBH]9th & 10th Grades [9]  
 Joshi, GabrielEastern Middle School [EASTEM]6th Grade [6]  
 Rupeshkumar, ShiyamChesapeake Science Point Charter School (Middle/High School) [CHEPMH]8th Grade [8]Varadarajan, Rupeshkumar2019-01-15 17:26:54
Sergiev,Ekaterina 2019-01-15 17:19:25
 Sergiev,Ivan St. Paul's Lower School [STPAE]3rd Grade [3]  
 Sergiev,Vladislav St. Paul's Upper School for Boys [STPABH]9th & 10th Grades [9]  
 Arjun LakshmananWilson Wims Elementary School [WILSWE]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]Sankarraj Lakshmanan2018-12-20 06:55:30
Mao, Zhijuan2019-01-15 15:51:01
 Xu, AmyThomas W. Pyle Middle School [THOMPM]7th Grade [7]  
 Xu, EllieCarderock Springs Elementary School [CARDEE]4th Grade [4]  
 Premkumar, DanielNorthview Elementary School [NORTVE]5th Grade [5]premkumar, john2019-01-15 13:00:22
 Yao, ZhongeeSpark Matsunaga Elementary School [SPARME]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]Ma, Xia2019-01-15 12:44:01
 Thambisetty, AdvaithNorthfield Elementary School [NORTHE]4th Grade [4]Thambisetty, Madhav2019-01-15 10:59:18
Macchiavelli, Melissa2019-01-15 11:17:42
 Lardner, HarrisonRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]2nd Grade [2]  
 Lardner, JulianRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Jiayou TengDaniels Run Elementary School (VA) [DANIRE]4th Grade [4]Teng Peng2019-01-15 10:04:49
Harried, Ian2019-01-14 22:02:34
 HarriedRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]3rd Grade [3]  
 Harried, IvanaRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]5th Grade [5]  
 Joshi, AnukoolCockeysville Middle School [COCKEM]7th Grade [7]Joshi, Amit2019-01-15 00:33:59
 YE,DOMINICHammond Elementary School [HAMMOE]3rd Grade [3]LIU,HONG2019-01-14 20:48:48
 XIA, KEVINCarderock Springs Elementary School [CARDEE]4th Grade [4]XIA, XIANGDONG2019-01-14 16:57:46
Smith, Claudia2019-01-14 16:27:32
 Smith, RyanThurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Smith, IanThurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]4th Grade [4]  
Lui, Ronald2019-01-14 15:52:29
 Lui, RyanThurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Lui, RobertThurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]  
 Zhang, AshleyCold Spring Elementary School [COLDSE]5th Grade [5]Zhang, Kai2019-01-14 14:52:19
 Gerasimov, DanielDunloggin Middle School [DUNLOM]6th Grade [6]Gerasimov, Irina2019-01-14 14:26:27
 Sangani PranavLionville Middle School (PA) [LIONVM]7th Grade [7]Sangani Jaya2019-01-14 11:43:02
 Hart, PaulSt. Michael - St. Clemente School (Elementary/Middle School) [STMCEM]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]Hart, Phillip Pip2019-01-14 09:38:23
 JIANG, DAVIDDiamond Elementary School [DIAMOE]3rd Grade [3]Tang, Liuya2019-01-13 21:00:16
Allen, Felicia2019-01-13 15:21:17
 Allen, WilliamRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]6th Grade [6]  
 Allen, JonathanRoland Park Elementary/Middle School [ROLAEM]3rd Grade [3]  
 Yusuf, ZaifNorthwest High School [NORTWH]11th & 12th Grades [10]Yusuf Azaz2019-01-13 20:33:08
 Ahn, MichaelSignal Hill Elementary School (VA) [SIGNHE]4th Grade [4]Chi, Hyun2019-01-12 21:19:31
 Dutton, JoshuaSeverna Park High School [SEVEPH]9th & 10th Grades [9]Dutton, Samuel2019-01-12 17:25:46
Adam, Erika2019-01-12 19:58:26
 Adam, RolandHome Elementary/Middle/High School 1 (any combination) [HO1EMH]7th Grade [7]  
 Adam, OliverHome Elementary/Middle/High School 1 (any combination) [HO1EMH]5th Grade [5]  
 Mandava, AshritWilson Wims Elementary School [WILSWE]2nd Grade [2]Mandava, Sasidhar2019-01-11 18:48:18
 gross, milesShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]4th Grade [4]reedy, vashtie2019-01-10 10:28:39
Wang,Jing2019-01-10 10:26:28
 Zhao,ZifanGreenbriar West Elementary School (VA) [GREEWE]4th Grade [4]  
 Zhao,ZifeiGreenbriar West Elementary School (VA) [GREEWE]4th Grade [4]  
 Robinson, ZoeShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Tori B Robinson2019-01-10 09:42:08
Aharonian, Artin2019-01-09 20:25:09
 Aharonian, AlexanderSt. Elizabeth Catholic School (Elementary/Middle School) (Rockville, MD) [STECEM]4th Grade [4]  
 Aharonian, AndreSt. Elizabeth Catholic School (Elementary/Middle School) (Rockville, MD) [STECEM]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]  
 Zutt, TheodoreNantucket Elementary School [NANTUE]5th Grade [5]Zutt, Selene2019-01-09 19:36:57
 Jackson, PorterShepherd Elementary School (DC) [SHEPHE]3rd Grade [3]Weiner, RIcia2019-01-09 17:15:42
 Huang, LuluGreenbriar West Elementary School (VA) [GREEWE]5th Grade [5]He, Ya2019-01-08 22:22:31
 Kumar, DivyanshPiney Branch Elementary School [PINEYE]4th Grade [4]Kumar, Divyansh2019-01-08 21:50:13
Dale, Zlata2019-01-06 20:05:29
 Dale, AnastasiaThurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]4th Grade [4]  
 Dale, Viktoria Thurgood Marshall Elementary School [THURGE]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]  
 Atluri, PrathikTriadelphia Ridge Elementary School [TRIADE]5th Grade [5]Atluri, Kalpana2019-01-06 17:48:35
 Lu, CharlesChevy Chase Elementary School [CHEVYE]4th Grade [4]Lu, Wei2019-01-06 15:03:28
 Liu, CelineNavy Elementary School (VA) [NAVYE]3rd Grade [3]He, Qing2019-01-06 01:19:44
 Jacobs, PeterMaryland International School STEM Academy (Elementary/Middle/High School) [MDIEMH]4th Grade [4]Jacobs, Stephen2019-01-05 23:50:42
 Bryan TanSpring Hill Elementary School (VA) [SPRIHE]2nd Grade [2]Bikan Tan2019-01-05 07:56:34
 Bao, MaximilianLemon Road Elementary School (VA) [LEMORE]2nd Grade [2]Gu, Liying2019-01-04 12:41:05
House, Andrew2019-01-04 09:34:48
 House, JamesSherwood Elementary School [SHERWE]5th Grade [5]  
 House, MicahSherwood Elementary School [SHERWE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Huang, LuciaColin Powell Elementary School (VA) [COLINE]Kindergarten & 1st Grade [1]He, Ya2019-01-04 06:48:41
 Marine, TeddyLoyola Blakefield (Middle/High School) [LOYOMH]7th Grade [7]Joseph E MarineOPTIONAL bye (will not play) in Round 4, OPTIONAL bye (will not play) in Round 52019-01-02 21:59:47
 Foley, JackOakland Terrace Elementary School [OAKLTE]2nd Grade [2]Foley, John2019-01-02 19:21:28
 Mathura, MaxJames Hubert (Eubie) Blake High School [JAMHBH]9th & 10th Grades [9]Mathura, NataliaOPTIONAL bye (will not play) in Round 12019-01-02 13:21:34
 Bess, GraysonCalvert Lower School [CALVE]2nd Grade [2]Bess, Arielle2018-12-30 22:56:33
Nave, Gil2018-12-29 10:30:23
 Naveh, AmitaiFarmland Elementary School [FARMLE]5th Grade [5]  
 Naveh, GaliFarmland Elementary School [FARMLE]2nd Grade [2]  
 Bershak, AriMcDonogh Middle School [MCDONM]6th Grade [6]Bershak, Nick2018-12-28 09:53:06
Caulfield, Tim2018-12-26 20:17:05
 Caulfield, KateSignal Hill Elementary School (VA) [SIGNHE]4th Grade [4]  
 Caulfield, KaraSignal Hill Elementary School (VA) [SIGNHE]4th Grade [4]  
 Johnson, AlexanderSt. John the Evangelist School (Elementary/Middle School) (Severna Park, MD) [STJ4EM]7th Grade [7]Johnson, Kathleen2018-12-28 09:02:02
Thimmasamudram, Satish2018-12-26 12:30:05
 Thimmasamudram, SandeepClarksburg Elementary School [CLARKE]2nd Grade [2]  
 chen, michaelStone Mill Elementary School [STONME]3rd Grade [3]cheng, jie2018-12-20 16:02:45
 Rockefeller, JohnMcDonogh Middle School [MCDONM]5th Grade [5]Rockefeller, John2018-12-22 13:37:57
 Ehrenberg, NathanJohn Eaton Elementary School (DC) [JOHNEE]4th Grade [4]Ehrenberg, Pamela2018-12-22 18:31:04