Registration: MD Chess Roland Park June Scholastic 2018 (Jun 9, 2018)

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 Location: Roland Park EMS

  Player\'s Name (Last, First) Section School Purchaser\'s Name (Last, First) Rather than compete for a 1-point win, players may request a bye for any round and for any number of rounds. Players are limited to a single 1/2-point bye; all other byes will be 0-point byes. (99% OF PLAYERS DO NOT REQUEST A BYE.) Date Registered
 Rockefeller, John2018-05-25 15:00:13
 Bershak, AriUnder 1000 (rated 100 - 999 or unrated, grades K - 12) [2]McDonogh Middle School [MCDONM]  
 Rockefeller, JohnUnder 1000 (rated 100 - 999 or unrated, grades K - 12) [2]McDonogh Lower School [MCDONE]  
 Bershak, NickParents G25 (any rating or unrated, grades 13+, syncs with scheduled rounds of Under 1000) [4]Adult players who are PARENTs or guardians of scholastic players [PARENT]  
 McIntosh, Aidan 1000+ (rated 1000+, grades K - 12) [1]Community School (High School) [COMMUH]Burchett, Tara 2018-05-25 21:43:31