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June 2023
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Compiled by Lew Hucks

1st Nov-60 5.5-0.5 Ken Clayton
2nd Nov-61 5.0-1.0 William J. McClure, George Thomas, Bob Raven, Lew Hucks
3rd Oct-62 5.5-0.5 Richard J. Plock
4th Oct-63 6.0-0.0 Pal Benko
5th Nov-64 5.5-0.5 Larry Gilden, Michael Valvo
6th Oct-65 6.0-0.0 Michael Valvo
7th Oct-66 6.0-0.0 Herbert Avram
8th. Nov-67 ?? Ross Oliver
9th. Nov-68 5.5-0.5 Ross Oliver
10th. Nov-69 5.0-1.0 Charles Powell, Denis Strenzwilk
11th. Nov-70 4.5-0.5 Ross Oliver
12th. Nov-71 4.5-0.5 Ross Oliver
13th. Nov-72 4.5-0.5 Charles Powell, Robert Vassar
14th. Nov-73 4.5-0.5 N. Darrell LeGore
15th Nov-74 4.0-1.0 Mark Schneider, Denis Strenzwilk
16th Nov-75 4.0-1.0 Michael Goldenberg, Denis Strenzwilk, Michael Bury
17th Nov-76 4.0-1.0 Denis Strenzwilk, Michael Weiss
18th Nov-77 4.5-0.5 Kurt Stein, N. Darrell LeGore, Floyd Boudreaux
19th Nov-78 4.5-0.5 Kurt Stein
20th Nov-79 4.0-1.0 Stan Fink, Wilfred Brown, Jack Mayer, Denis Strenzwilk
21st Nov-80 4.5-0.5 Denis Strenzwilk
22nd Nov-81 4.5-0.5 Lee Phelps
23rd Nov-82 3.5-1.5 Troy Roberts, Steve Scannell, Michael Bury, Lew Hucks
24th Nov-83 4.5-0.5 Floyd Boudreaux
25th Nov-84 4.5-0.5 Denis Strenzwilk
26th Nov-85 4.5-0.5 Emory Tate
27th Nov-86 4.5-0.5 Shelby Getz, William Coe
28th Nov-87 5.0-0.0 Michael Bury
29th Nov-88 4.5-0.5 Ross Oliver, Steve Scannell
30th Nov-89 4.5-0.5 Emory Tate, Daniel Shapiro
31st Nov-90 5.0-0.0 Boris Zisman
32nd Nov-91 5.0-0.0 Alex Sherzer
33rd Nov-92 5.0-0.0 Leonid Filatov
34th Nov-93 4.0-1.0 Johnathan Schroer, Ed Formanek, William Morrison, Robert Cunningham
35th Nov-94 4.5-0.5 Vladimir Epishin
36th Nov-95 4.5-0.5 Gennady Zaitchik
37th Nov-96 3.5-1.5 Larry Kaufman, Craig Jones, Brent Schwab
38th Nov-97 4.0-1.0 Denis Strenzwilk, William Morrison, Stan Fink
39th Nov-98 4.5-0.5 Larry Kaufman, William Morrison
40th Dec-99 4.5-0.5 Stanislav Kriventsov
41st Nov-00 4.0-1.0 Stanislav Kriventsov, Bryan Smith
42nd Dec-01 4.5-0.5 Enrico Sevillano, Luis Chiong
43rd Nov-02 4.0-1.0 Riuxan Yang, Tom Hartwig
44th Nov-03 4.5-0.5 Alex Sherzer
45th Jan-05 5.0-0.0 Aleks Wojtkiewicz
46th Jan-06 4.5-0.5 Aleks Wojtkiewicz, Denis Strenzwilk, Salar Jahedi
47th Jan-07 4.5-0.5 Jaan Ehlvest
48th Jan-08 5.0-0.0 Tegshsuren Enkhbat
49th Feb-11 4.5-0.5 Mark Paragua

by Tom Brownscombe

I met Michael A. Thomas in 1982 at the Laurel Colonial Chess Corner in Laurel, Maryland. At that time I was just a teenager discovering the world of organized chess, and Mike was one of the club's officers. I joined the club soon after, and I also joined one of the club's DC Chess League teams. Mike was the club's director of teams, and one of his responsibilities was finding a team captain for each of the club's teams. In 1984 Mike asked me if I would serve as team captain for one of the club's teams, and I said yes. Mike eventually became one of my closest friends. We spent many evenings and Sundays together with friends, eating pizza, watching the Washington Redskins (they were a good team back in those days) and playing a wide variety of games. Mike was a board game enthusiast. He enjoyed any board game that involved strategy and long term planning.