What are the advantages of score-based prizes for players?
  • The prize for a given score is never shared. Therefore, your prize only depends on your performance. This is different than place-based prizes where things outside of the player's control affect how many people share a given prize.
  • The prizes do not depend on the number of entries in a section. So, a low turnout in a section does not lead to lower prizes like in a based-on prize tournament.
  • There is no need to wait for other games to finish to determine how much you have won. Once your game is over, you can receive your check.
  • Players will be motivated to play for the win. Since the total of the prizes is always higher when the result of a game is decisive, the incidence of quick draws is less.
What are the disadvantages of score-based prizes for players?
  • In a smaller section it is harder to win every game and earn the largest prize than it is to come in first. But a large section will require a near perfect score to come in first. So the difference for a large section is small. Note that the reason the prize for a perfect score is large is because it is hard. With place-based prizes, a small section would not be able to support a large prize.
  • You can't just draw games when everyone else draws games. If only place mattered, draws on all the top boards in a section would not really affect your prize chances.
What are the advantages of score-based prizes for organizers?
  • The average total prize fund in a section will naturally scale with the number of entries. Thus, you don't have to guess how many players will show up in a section.
What are the disadvantages of score-based prizes for organizers?
  • The actual total prizes the organizer will pay for a tournament is not in the organizer's control. Only after all the games have finished will the total prize fund be known.
What happens to the "extra" money when there are a lot of draws and/or no perfect score?
  • The average payout for a section strongly depends on the draw fraction. Since in a given event the draw fraction can't be predicted, there will be sections that have above and below average payouts. Overall, sections with a large draw fraction will make up for sections with a low draw fraction.
Why do the higher rated sections get larger prizes for the same score?
  • The average payout in a section decreases as the draw fraction increases. In general, the higher rated sections have a higher fraction of the games ending in draws. Thus, to compensate for this, the prizes for a given score are larger in the higher rated sections.