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By Chris Y Kim

Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 15:00

University of Maryland, Baltimore County [Baltimore, MD]

Round 3 on the second day has come to an end with the battle for the 2015 Maryland Sweet 16 looming in Round 4. On the top two boards of the undefeated players, Sahil Sinha drew with Alexander Davydov while Arthur Tang defeated Andrew Mao. This sets up the title match with Sinha (Black) playing Tang (White essentially with draw odds for at least a share of the title). Davydov can enter a tie for first if he wins and Tang does not win.

Round 4 (out of 4) starts this afternoon at 3PM , and we will see if Tang can take the title with a clear win. Note that if there is a tie for first, then there will be a playoff with the format dependent on the number of players involved. 

Round 4 Pairings: (White listed first)

Board 1: Arthur Tang (3.0) vs Sahil Sinha (2.5)

Board 2: Alexander Davydov(2.5) vs Andrew Mao (2.0)

Board 3: Douglas Malcolm (2.0) vs Ronald Best Jr (2.0)

Board 4: Pieter Heesters (1.5) vs Ali Merchant (1.5)

Board 5: Justin Hontz (1.0) vs Dennis Norman (1.5)

Board 6: Benjamin Hung (1.0) vs Richard Tan (1.0)

Board 7: Nathan Janus (0.5) vs Justin Hung (1.0)

Board 8: Vinay Veluvolu (0.5) vs Bijan Tahmassebi (0.5)


Brief Standings (in tiebreak order):

3.0: Arthur Tang

2.5: Sahil Sinha, Alexander Davydov

2.0: Ronald Best Jr, Andrew Mao, Douglas Malcolm

1.5: Dennis Norman, Pieter Heesters, Ali Merchant

1.0: Justin Hung, Justin Hontz, Richard Tan, Benjamin Hung

0.5: Vinay Veluvolu, Nathan Janus, Bijan Tahmassebi


Round 3 results: Sinha 1/2 Davydov; Mao 0-1 Tang; Norman 1/2 Heesters; Tan 0-1 Malcolm; Best 1-0 Hung J; Merchant 1/2 Hontz; Tahmassebi 1/2 Janus; Veluvolu 1/2 Hung B

Round 2 results: Malcolm 0-1 Sinha; Tang 1-0 Best; Norman 0-1 Davydov; Heesters 1-0 Veluvolu; Hung J 0-1 Mao; Tan 1-0 Bahmassibi; Hung B 0.5-0.5 Hontz; Janus 0-1 Merchant

Round 1 results: Sinha 1-0 Tan; Hontz 0-1 Tang; Davydov 1-0 Janus; Hung J 1-0 Heesters; Mao 1-0 Veluvolu; Tahmassebi 0-1 Malcolm; Best 1-0 Hung B; Merchant 0-1 Norman