Players at the 3rd Annual Washington International were given a survey at the end of the tournament. The results were overwhelmingly positive.


1. How likely is it that you would recommend our tournaments to a friend?

Highly Likely   10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1   0  Not at all likely

10 - 25
9 - 7
8 - 1
7 - 1
6 - 0
5 - 1
4 - 0
3 - 0
2 - 0
1 - 0
0 - 0

This works out to an 89% Net Promoter Score which is higher than any companies in the US (Apple laptops get a 79%). See the article on the 2014 Maryland Open for more details about Net Promoter Scores.


2. If you didn't answer with a 10 to question #1, what would it take for you to change your answer to a 10?

blank x 31

all games available in pgn x 2

Less playing days

Earlier round start times

Have smaller sections

lower entrance fee

limit number of byes

better cell phone policy

help find roommates

not many places to eat after evening rounds

3. What do we do better than other tournaments (see the word cloud of these results)

All equipment provided x 10

Early pairings x 8

Snacks during games x 7

Email pairings x 4

One board per table x 5

Organization x 4

Playing Conditions x 4

Strong Field x 4

Nice sets x 3

Start on Time x 3

Atmosphere x 3

Broadcast Games x 2

Spacious playing hall x 3

Everything x 2

Nice Venue x 3

Location x 2

DGT Boards

Mike Atkins

all good

better in every aspect


clear TD instructions


first class

follow the standards in Europe


food options

friendly smile



many rooms

no-30 move draw rule

one hour tolerance

only strong players

pairings online

player courtesy

provide boards in skittles room

provide food

room temperature

solid prizes

top notch organizers who care about players

wooden sets

4. What do we do worse than other tournaments

blank x 16

"nothing" x 14

EF too high x 2

B prizes too low

not a super swiss

could not replay games online

Did not use

5. I like the change in the time control to 40/100, SD/30 +30" from 40/90, SD/30 +30".

Strongly Agree - 8

Agree - 4

Don't Care - 5

Disagree - 4

Strongly Disagree - 1

6. What would you like us to change?

blank or nothing x 18

The rounds (11am and 6pm) conflict with lunch and dinner. As such, I am way too hungry!

Tournament to be 2300+

The playing venue

Higher prizes in B section

Make B section 9 rounds

I hate FIDE time controls but this is not going to change

Divide up the sections (U2200, U1800)

More prize money

Maybe you could have a better fundraising through social media and fund-raising web sites like kickstarter for me.

More single rounds per day or a quicker time control during double rounds

Dammed if I know!

Have games from all boards available in PGN

A section to be 2200+

I like G/90 + 30 sec move but that is just personal preference

one round per day

Last 3 rounds earlier in the day

Can you move up the last round? Around 12 or 1PM? 

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