At the year's Washington International we conducted a survey of the players. We got about 50% of the players to answer the survey, which is a pretty good rate.

The detailed results are below:

1. Would you prefer a hotel with lower room rates (~$10/night) that requires a shuttle to the Metro and may have less nearby food options?

Yes - 2

No - 36

comments: Great location


2. Which round schedule would you prefer for a six-day tournament?

2/2/2/1/1/1 - 17

2/2/1/2/1/1 - 11

comments: Schedule perfect, site seeing scheduled after blitz?

Back to back double rounds is exhausting

3. On days with one round, which time would you prefer?

Morning - 18

Evening - 19

comments: at 4 or 5

11am perfect

4. Which date range would you prefer?

Mid-July ( Between World Open and US Open) - 13

Early August (may conflict with Olympiad) - 23


5. How would you rank the importance of the following when you decide to play in a tournament (with 1 being the most important)?

                                     1           2             3          4 

Strength of Field             21          2             7           1

Prize Fund                       5          8             8           6

Playing Conditions          12         14            4           0 

History of Tournament       0          1            7           17


What do you like most about the tournament?

Playing conditions (x14)
Strength of Field (x4)
Well organized (x5)
on time (x2)
pairing email & texts
cakes and cookies (x2)
no listening music devices
wooden boards (x2)
FIDE style
good location
Organizer cared (x2)
good board space
Good hotel
Equipment provided (x2)
close to home

What did you like least about this tournament?

Noise in Foyer (x4)
Cold due to AC
Rapid before Sat round (x2)
Double rounds
Six rounds in three days hard to play
Too long to wait for evening round (x2)
Clocks flagged after move 40
Evening round without coffee
Too long between rounds 7 and 8
My personal result
too long

What would you have us change about this tournament?

Some conditions for FMs
Strict policies on talking
No talking/socializing during games to decrease cheating
Increase number of days
Rapid/Blitz before or after the tournament
One less double round day
Space out double round days
Spread out blitz/Rapid prizes
More publicity
More players in the B section (x3)
Shorter tournament for the B section
Ratings limits for section