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Washington International

Washington International

At the end of this year's Washington International we ask the players a few questions about the tournament. We received responses from over half of the players. Below are the unedited responses.

Overall, I liked the playing conditions

Strongly Agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Stongly Disagree
65% 35%      

Coments: Spacious, Good lighting

The 1st Annual Washington International was held July 28 - Aug 1 just outside of Washington, DC. The strong field was led by Gata Kamsky, Alexander Onischuk, and Timur Gareev. A total of 55 players participated in the nine-round tournament. It was a nine-round tournament with a time control of 40/90, SD/30 with a 30" increment. The first two rounds had a large number of upsets. The highest rated to lose was GM Sergi Azarov from Belarus. He lost to local untitled player Jared Defibaugh.

The Washington International finished on August 1st with Gata Kamasky taking first place. Below is the final crosstable

The USPS will have a temporary postal station at the Hilton on the first and last day: July 28 and August 1 from 10 AM to 2 PM. They will hand cancel mail with an official chess postmark commemorating the tournament!  Bring your stamped envelopes and postcards to mail to friends or collect as souvenirs.

A strong field is lining up for the inaugural Washington International. Three of the top four players residing in the US will be playing (Kamsky, Gareev, and Onischuk). The current overall field for the tournament includes 8 GMs and 11 IMs.